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kaijian company in the 2016 international green building materials (Shanghai) Fair

2016/11/30      view:

In the industry as the "Asia first green building materials exhibition event, Kai key company featured booth with other high-end custom aluminium guardrail, aluminium courtyard gate, wrought iron guardrail and a variety of products to create a grand debut, Kay key set of products, brand communication, high-quality experience, interaction in one the museum has attracted many businessmen to visit。

The exhibitors from Japan, Korea, Russia, and China's Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shanghai local Pavilion exhibitors. In the process of participating in our ongoing technical exchanges and cooperation with the exhibitors, but also deeply aware of their strengths and weaknesses, learn from each other, believe in the future to participate in market competition at home and abroad when we will be stronger and more confident, always with high quality products and the same reputation over the years in return, has always been the concern and support of our customers and friends at home and abroad!

The exhibition is a good opportunity Kaijian learning, but also reflects our company in the industry barrier a rare publicity opportunity, through this exhibition, the major industries on the fence especially have a better understanding of the aluminium guardrail Kaijian customized, and lead our high-end aluminium industry to high-end standard forward, to move closer to the brand products, at the same time as in the past for the majority of customer service.

Through this exhibition, greatly enhance the reputation of our company in the fence decoration industry. Make people from all walks of life have a certain understanding of our company, there are many related industries and we contact and cooperation. Lay a good foundation for the future development of our company.

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